20' Flat Rack

  • heavy duty base construction
  • designed to carry heavy cargo usually out of gauge (length, width or height)
  • the two end walls can be either fixed or folding
  • flush folding designs allow the flat rack to be used as a Platform
  • in contrast to a  Platform, loaded Flats can be stacked on top of each other
  • they can be loaded from the top or the side
  • folded Flat Racks can be bundled to reduce empty positioning costs

Technical specifications

The mentioned measurements are indicative and subject to small variations

  • Outside dimensions:
  • Length:6.058 m
  • Width:2.438 m
  • Height:2.591 m
  • Inside dimensions:
  • Length:5.75 m
  • Width:2.082 m
  • Height:2.27 m
  • Weight:
  • Gross weight:45000 kg
  • Loading:42100 kg
  • Tare:2900 kg
  • End door:
  • Width: m
  • Height: m
  • Side door:No
  • Roof top:No
  • Forklift pockets:
  • Width: m
  • Height: m
  • Volume:
  • Total: m3
Show units: Imperial Metric

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