Leasing of shipping containers

We are well-established within the leasing business and offer both one- way lease and long-term lease. Furthermore, we can help you determining whether leasing of containers or purchasing containers are the right approach to fit your requirements.


We, CPI Group, differ from the common leasing companies by offering one-way leasing of our containers. We specialize in supplying containers to the container shipping and forwarding business for its one-way shipments.

Our customers benefit from our one-way leasing activities, as they avoid expensive repositioning of empty containers. Furthermore at CPI Group, we accept redelivery of containers in locations that many other companies do not accept. CPI Group is working for flexible solutions!


Sale-buy-back can be an attractive alternative to one-way leasing. When you buy containers from us, we can, at the same time, agree on a buy-back price at their destination. You don’t have to sell the containers back to us. It is an option that gives you the possibility to calculate your all-in cost in advance plus you know that you can get rid of the containers when your need for them is over. Of course, there are destinations to which we cannot offer to buy back units – but please put us to the test.


Leasing of containers on a long-term basis is suitable for the customer who needs containers for a specific period of time. The benefits of long-term lease is low rental charges and the possibility to either return the container or buy it at a reasonable price after the lease has been terminated.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices for more details.